You have to start somewhere…

I’m not writing anything ever, you see, and I’m hardly thinking about things and yet there’s so many ideas formulated by other people going in and out of my head every day. I watch television with half an eye on Twitter, I read books impatiently, I barely hear any music. The idea on this blog is that I’ll make myself stop and think about what I’ve seen, heard or read, and that perhaps as a result I’ll remember some of it. And also I want to remind myself that if I want to talk about something it’s better to have read something about it first.

The following things are fair game, and I will make a note of what has come my way and what I thought of them: books, films, music, art, theatre. You know, the stuff covered by the ‘culture’ sections of the broadsheets. I’ll be interested in what other people have to say about what I’ve seen, and I’ll always welcome discussion. But I’ll try not to get drawn too easily into whirlpools of current thought.



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